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Secret Canyon of Sukawati

Sukawati is best known for its art market where you can shop with a very reasonable price. But this time I will share one of the -anti-mainstream- experience in Sukawati area which recently being very popular due to high exposure on social medias.

Canyons or beautiful rock formation might be something new to Bali’s tourism, as most probably Bali is best known for amazing beaches and beautiful rice paddies. Guwang Hidden Canyon – yes, people named it as hidden as the location – is located in Guwang, a small village located in Sukawati, Gianyar Regency (around 30 minutes from the city center of Denpasar through Bypass Ida Bagus Sumantra). You might search Pura Dalem Guwang and the entrance is next to the temple.


At this moment, there is no official entrance fee to explore the hidden canyon. From the parking area, you will see local people selling snacks and cold beverages and there is a small hut where you will be greeted and asked to give donation in exchange of accessing the hidden canyon. They also offer tour guide assistance – for a donation- to escort us to get to the canyon and show you the best route.


The route to the canyon is a short 5 – 10 minutes walk along the shallow river, however some climbing over rocks are required to reach the canyon. You will also pass the river, which the depth and flow can vary significantly. Many part of the river are very shallow, but in some parts it seems to be much deeper. Swimwear, tanks top, and shorts are the best outfit to explore the place and I personally prefer to walk on barefoot most of the times, rather than on flip-flops or shoes as you’ll get into the water and the rocks might be slippery.

Few things to highlight for your own convenience are light clothing, sun protection, and lots of drinking water as the weather can be very hot and humid. Please note that this natural beauty spot is not suitable for young children or the elderly.

The trip is good for couple of hours, it is a very interesting place to explore and for those nature lovers this will be your heaven. You will wade the streams of water and pass the various giant rocks. The view of the picturesque canyons is stunningly beautiful.

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