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How To Go Around In Bali

Ready to go around in Bali ? and you have listed your plan destination? Destinations it’s so far away? transportation is an answer. The choice(s) for transportation in Bali may seem very obvious to many, and extremely overwhelming to others. Getting around Bali might not be as simple, compared to what you are used to. It is not as straightforward as renting an insured car at home, like you would if you’re American or Australian, as an example. Or hailing a taxi or booking an Uber as you would in the streets of Manhattan.(For your information, there is no metro or rail system of any kind in Bali.) More than likely, you’ll want to plan on using a combination of options that will best suit your individual needs and circumstances.


Walking can be a great option for many people, not to mention free. Local infrastructure has been noticeably improving with the addition and repair of sidewalks in many high-tourist areas. Other areas, however, may not be so friendly. The most common areas that are walker-friendly include Kuta, Seminyak (located in North Kuta), Sanur, Ubud, and Nusa Dua. When I use the term ‘walker-friendly,’ basically that means there is a lot to do or see within a few minutes walking. Think of it as walking in the city versus walking in the suburbs. You walk in the city to get around, while walking in the suburbs is usually just for exercise and fresh air.


Although I know people who have done this in Bali and other parts of Indonesia, I strongly recommend not hitchhiking for getting around Bali, especially females. The areas of Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu have become increasingly dangerous for solo female travelers at night. That kind offer for a ride may not be so transparent and most often, something is expected in return.There are simply too many other choices for transportation in Bali safely for me to say it’s ok to hitchhike here.


While there are many choices, I never use the others. Of the dozens of taxi companies, many have become notorious for offering inflated prices, having tampered meters, or taking longer-than-necessary routes.I know several older couples who mostly walk, and then take taxis when needed. They live in the heart of Seminyak. I’d bank on saying they spend less than the cost of a private monthly driver.Ordering a BlueBird via their call center is best. If, when you get in a taxi, you could ask if they use a meter and/or if they can turn it on, you should never have any surprises.It’s obviously more expensive than a motorbike and one must factor in the additional petrol, parking fees, yearly taxes (if purchasing a car) and insurance.

Car (self driven)

Having a car, like anywhere in the world, is a luxury. It’s absolutely wonderful to have a car during the rainy season, when going grocery shopping, and trips to/from the airport. If you’re a surfer, you can bring multiple boards with you, keep a towel and dry clothes, snacks and cold water in the car. If you often travel with others, it’s really nice to go to places as a group.

Car hire in Bali with driver: daily

There are heaps of freelance drivers available for hire on a daily basis. for daily rent prices start at around 400,000 IDR 45$ depending on the car and destinations. Sometimes prices include petrol, but never parking. Be sure to clarify before hiring. It can get pricey when using a daily hire car and driver often, but this is a good option for those needing a car less frequently or for special occasions.You can find freelance drivers willing to work either daily or monthly by searching some Facebook Groups. Bali Tourist Info and Bali Expats might be a good starting place but you can find many other relevant groups. Use the search function and type ‘monthly/daily driver,’ this should yield significant results.

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