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Few things you have to do in Bali

Bali. When you heard about Bali, what do you thinks? Bali’s breathtaking beauty, vibrant culture, and incredible spiritual energy touched you in a way that you really wasn’t expecting. Here’s we will review  a few activities you can do in Bali.


Sure, you could hang out at Seminyak or Kuta beach for your two weeks of sun, but for those seeking a little more isolation, there are dozens of stunning tropical beaches just a moto-taxi ride away.

One word of advice, to reach the beach requires a long walk down steep stairs – either buy all you need from the shop at the top or accept you’ll have to pay the beach hawkers. You will not want to climb back up more than once! Two others you can’t miss are Padang Padang and Pandawa beaches.


If Seminyak and Kuta are all about sun, sand and cocktails, Ubud is the place to go to find a peaceful side to Bali. Lush green rice fields and spectacular rainforest, it’s the colour palette of nature. Spend your days exploring rice terraces, beautiful waterfalls, playing with monkeys and enjoying incredible scenery.

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With the influx of tourism, the face of Bali continues to change. And yet, the local Balinese have not abandoned their traditions.

The air is permeated by the smell of incense, and you can go but a few steps along any street before you’ll catch sight one of the thousands of beautiful offerings left daily by the island’s Hindus.











For a further insight into the local culture, be sure to make time to watch a performance of Balinese dance. These shows are held all over the island, but for a truly memorable experience head to the GWK Cultural Park and watch a performance of the famous Kecak.

Held beneath the 75ft bust of Vishnu (an important Hindu deity), this dance is in equal parts fascinating and haunting. You may not understand the words that are spoken, but an evening spent here provides a fantastic insight into Balinese culture.


Home to more than six hundred Balinese long-tailed monkeys (or macaques as they’re known in English), Ubud’s monkey forest is an animal lovers’ paradise!









Whilst I’m always a little concerned about any tourist attraction that involves animals, this one does genuinely seem OK. The monkeys are free to come and go as they please, opting to enter visitor-restricted areas if they want a break, they’re fed a species appropriate diet and their presence allows important conservation research.

Just be warned, if you have a banana, the monkeys will steal it!


Whilst some may travel to Ubud for a monkey encounter, it is the lush rice paddies and terraces that cover the area’s landscape that capture the imagination.

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For those with only limited time here, it is good to know that should you venture even a little out of the town, there are countless vibrant green fields and rolling hills, often filled with local workers and their iconic peaked hats, that await your discovery.

However, it is the wave-like terraces at Tegalalang that undoubtedly prove the most popular. This ancient land (legend has it that the terraces have been standing since the 8th Century) has long attracted tourists, and the local farmers have caught on – a number are happy to pose for a photo!