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Add to Favourites! Have you ever seen a traditional ceremony in Bali or its traditional celebration? If you haven’t, it is a must thing to do if you have plenty of time in Bali. Because of its uniqueness and contains a mystical value, it is very recommended if you can […]

Best Balinese Dance Show

Here are all of the great theatre and live shows in Bali. These range from culturally insightful traditional dance performances staged against ancient and majestic temple backdrops, to modern theatrical shows that are intricately choreographed, including dramatic lighting effects and soundtracks. Themes range from local folktales to ancient Hindu epics, […]

Unusual Destination in Bali

One of the things the most about travelling is finding off-the-beaten-path places that aren’t part of the usual tourist route. Those are the most unusual places in Bali, Indonesia. While the island of Bali is extremely popular amongst tourists, there are still some pretty sweet places that you that are pretty […]

Nusa Penida


Add to Favourites! Nusa Penida is the largest of three islands off the south eastern coast of Bali, the others being Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Totalling some 247 square kilometres, Nusa Penida is much larger than the better known Nusa Lembongan. However, tourist infrastructure is not as advanced as Lembongan. It is an island of outstanding natural […]


Add to Favourites! There are a great host of things to see, experience and do in Bali from raving till the cows come home in Kuta or cafe-hopping in Seminyak, but perhaps one of the more popular draws among tourists these days is the adrenaline pumping, Bali Swing Located in […]

BALI Dolphin Cruise

Add to Favourites! Dolphin watching tours at Lovina Beach remain one of the main nature attractions of this quiet and laidback coastal town in North Bali. What this black sand beach lacks in features when compared to the beaches around the island’s south, it makes up for with its frequent […]

How To Go Around In Bali

Add to Favourites! Ready to go around in Bali ? and you have listed your plan destination? Destinations it’s so far away? transportation is an answer. The choice(s) for transportation in Bali may seem very obvious to many, and extremely overwhelming to others. Getting around Bali might not be as […]

Ubud Festival !

Add to Favourites! Ubud it’s t best destination to get peaceful of your soul, mind and your body. Go around in Ubud it’s not complete if you don’t go to some Festivals. If you love festivals, you’ll be pleased to know that Ubud has plenty of them to offer. these are […]

5-Wonderful Beaches in Bali

Add to Favourites! Seminyak Beach If you want to be in the heart of Bali’s oceanfront action, then Seminyak Beach is the place for you. Along this impressive 5km stretch of powdery white sand, you’ll find beach bars aplenty, five-star hotels and restaurants just footsteps from the waves, and world-famous beach clubs dotting the sand. Beginning on the outskirts of crazy Kuta, […]


Add to Favourites! 1. GOA GAJAH Goa Gajah’s name is slightly misleading, lending the impression that it’s a gigantic dwelling full of elephants. Nevertheless, Goa Gajah ‘Elephant Cave’ is an archaeological site of significant historical value that makes it a special place to visit. Located on the cool western edge […]