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About Bali

Bali Island is a small beautiful island and a part of Indonesia archipelago. It own the panorama and unique culture that make this island is exclusively than others. It is located in the tropical situation that has stated this island as Dream Island for a vacation. Bali Island has many kinds of places to visit like rice paddies, beautiful panorama, volcanoes soaring up through the clouds, tourism activities and attractions, dense tropical jungle, long sandy beaches, warm blue water, crashing surf and friendly people who don’t just have a culture but actually live here, daily community ritual and a lot of things make your holiday unforgettable. In Bali, the spirits is coming out to play in the moonlight, every night is a festival and even a funeral is an opportunity to have a good time and the day you will get the enjoy of the sea breeze from the blue sea water which completing your dream holiday. Bali is an Island of God in Paradise that is perfect destination for your holiday, enjoy the paradise with your family and collages and meet Bali will offer something for everyone. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful shopping and a rich past and heritage. The Balinese people are proud of having preserved their unique Hindu culture against the advance of Islam, the dominant religion throughout Indonesia. This is still reflected in day-to-day life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, Balinese festivals and magnificent temples and palaces. Some of the best surfing beaches in the world can be found on the western side of the island whilst conversely the eastern side is a wonderful haven for families, with beautiful white sand beaches and gentle seas.


Add to Favourites! 1. GOA GAJAH Goa Gajah’s name is slightly misleading, lending the impression that it’s a gigantic...

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R.A Kartini | The Woman Hero

Add to Favourites! Raden Adjeng Kartini is a Javanese leading figure and the national hero of Indonesia. Kartini is...

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Bali Island

Bali (Balinese) is an island and province of Indonesia. The province includes the island of Bali and a few...

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Celebrate Galungan and Kuningan

Add to Favourites! Galungan is a Balinese holiday celebrating the victory of dharma over adharma. It marks the time...

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Omed – omedan

Add to Favourites! Omed-omedan, also known as ‘The Kissing Ritual’, is a ceremony held by the young people of...

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Add to Favourites! In addition to being Bali’s artistic and creative centre, Ubud is also home to a fresh...

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Nyepi Eve Special Packages

Add to Favourites! For this special event, Balinese New Years, we have special packages for our tour. Nyepi is a...

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Nyepi Day

Add to Favourites! Nyepi is a Balinese “Day of Silence” that is commemorated every Isakawarsa (Saka new year) according...

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